Clubs & Units

The heart of any Shrine is it's Clubs and Units. Whether it is a club to have a dinner occasionally with friends or a car unit that is in any number of parades, each group is where the fun happens.

Osman has 19 Clubs, which are normally social rather than performance orientated.

Osman Clubs are located in Winona, Rochester, Mankato, Austin, Albert Lea, St. Cloud, and Alexandria as well as several in the metropolitan St. Paul Area.

Osman has 20 Units, which are normally parade or performance orientated. The color and pageantry of the Shrine is shown to the public through the Units. There is an Oriental Band in Austin. Parading ATVs in Alexandria. T-Bird little cars in Mankato. GoCarts and Classic Cars in St. Cloud. Honda Rebel Motorcycles, Classic Cars, Clowns, Daddy-O's, and the Dragon Patrol in Rochester. St Paul has the Drum & Bugle Corps, Bag Pipers, Chanters, Clowns, Legion of Honor Color Guard, Classic Cars, Harley Davidson Motorcycles and the Provost Guard.

All Clubs and Units have meetings, practices, dances, picnics, or parties throughout the year. In addition to Club and Unit activities, there are numerous Osman-wide functions scheduled throughout the year, which includes your Lady and or family, such as the Potentate's Ball, Family Picnic, and pilgrimages every summer to the Midwest Shrine Association Session and the Imperial Session.

You have spent a great deal of time and effort to join the "World's Greatest Philanthropy". The real value in Shrine membership is the fun and companionship of the people who are members of our Clubs and Units. Please take the time to explore these groups with the goal of joining one or more that meet your interests. You should also be aware that the Divan is always looking for groups of Nobles who wish to form new Clubs.

Our Leadership

The Divan is the Board of Directors for Osman. The President of the Board of Directors (Divan) is titled the Illustrious Potentate.

Illustrious Potentate Larry Norte (Audrey)
Chief Rabban Sean Gardiner (Tracy)
Assistant Rabban Mark Galloway (Lori)
High Priest & Prophet Jim Gratias (Connie)
Oriental Guide Michael Meyer  
Treasurer Dan Flicek (Kathy)
Recorder Tom West (Rose)
1st Ceremonial Master Ryan Colligan (Audrey)
2nd Ceremonial Master Brian Miller (Laurie)
Marshal Wiley Davis (Shelly)
Captain of the Guard Greg Sailer (Chris)
Outer Guard Paul M. Peterson (Patti)






Osman Shriners

2750 Sibley Memorial Highway

St. Paul, MN  55121

(651) 452-5660

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