Welcome to the home of Osman Shriners

2018 Potentate
Illustrious Sir Mike Nehm

Hello Nobles, Ladies and Friends,

Lady Sandy and I would like to invite you to all of the fun events Osman has this year. Our theme is Live Music & Live Entertainment. We hope you will join us. We have a great team in place to grow membership! We are Going For Gold! With your help we can achieve it. If you are not receiving the weekly email blasts, call or email Doreen in the office. It is a great tool and a fantastic way to communicate more efficiently. Thank you for everything you do to benefit Shriners! The World's Greatest Philanthropy! 

We look forward to seeing you!

Mike Nehm

2018 Potentate

Osman Shriners



Osman Circus

2019 Circus Dates:

March 28 - March 31, 2019

Osman Shriners

2750 Sibley Memorial Highway

St. Paul, MN  55121

(651) 452-5660

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